The Mirror that reflects the Real ME!

Life isn’t fun without struggles, you said;
how to face the race, you taught;
become the reason for a change, you preached;
leadership is when you walk the talk, you proved.

Amidst darkness I was,
a ray of hope showered upon me.
When I looked at it, there it was, not just the ray of hope,
but of belief, that turned dreams into reality.

With no dreams I came,
you bestowed the life of dreams.
The grant not just transformed MY life,
but MANY, whose dreams were almost dead.

A need for all, to achieve their dreams
A hope for all, to believe in themselves
A friend for all, to celebrate joys
A companion for all, to share despairs.

May your life be lived longer, for, the world needs many like you!
May your life be lived longer, for many lives to change like mine!
May your life be lived longer, for more leaders you shall create!
May your life be lived longer, for the unlimited inspiration you shall spread!

May your life be lived longer, for, YOU are the mirror that reflects the REAL ME!

Dedicating this to my mentor – Bharath GC sir! (

A very happy birthday to you!



Enough of Times NOW??! It’s NOW the TIME for CHANGE!

The most recent and controversial news of times now and its team about the Indian Cricket team has outraged the society and its people. Rather than being the reason to calm down those who are hurt by the defeat of the Indian cricket team, rather than being the reason to encourage the Country and it’s team to perform better in the coming times, they have been criticizing the team which has won 7 games in a row at the mega event. Just for the sake of increasing viewership, the medias have started using the interest of public as their weapon for TRP. My question to each of you from the Media who are taking advantage of their position – “Are you being the reason to create positivity in the society?”


Since ages the public is dependent on the media for updates and current information. There were days when the media followed ethics, promoted the right culture and were the reason to educate the society and NOT provoking someone to take wrong action,  but is the condition same? I’m sure you are nodding your head saying “NO!”. Every day, every minute, the media only focuses on controversies, rape cases, murders, and full of negativity happening around the globe(I would actually say, ‘CREATING negativity in the world’). I don’t mean to say that these news are not important but there is a way to share. It’s their responsibility to share with the world that something wrong is happening, also educate the world to come up with solutions to such problems and fight for their rights. But, the current scenario is that they educate the culprits with new ideas to make more mistakes, help the criminals to continue or even improve their way of working. It’s the responsibility of the media to share the right thing irrespective of what the society thinks..

Gone are the days the public believed in them, gone are the days we thought they were right and followed them, gone are the days the complete focus of youth was on what media was showcasing. The day has come where we know what is right, where we are creating the new trend of helping every youth stay positive, where our focus is on changing the status of the so called powerful medias. At this point of time, where most of the media is featuring a criminal rather than an achiever, I would like to really appreciate some of the online medias doing a brilliant job on helping the society to empower themselves, to raise voice against corruption and be the reason to create more positivity in the society.

My dear friends, trust me when I say that YOU will be the reason for CHANGE in the society because of the empowerment that you get from these:

Your Story,which shares about achievers and their stories of success. A place, where there is so much of information about becoming successful. When you have a dream to achieve in a particular stream, only when you know what it takes to achieve that dream you will be able to reach your dream. To know what it takes to reach there, you must learn from someone who has already done it. That is!! Appreciate the initiative of the initiators of the site.

iUeMag , an online international magazine having readership from more than 113 countries and passionate writers from 41 countries who wish to change the world through their art of writing. A platform to not just empower yourself, but also to promote more positivity in the society by sharing your views.IueMag brings the best stories from across the global along with inspiration. You only know what to do when you know what all can be done. The different verticals the magazine provides, help with every information to the society.(Just wait for its REVAMP on 30th March 2015 at 14:00 hours)

myblog copy

The Logical Indian, which helps you know the right information and do the right act. Get to know what’s happening and get to know who is making it happen. The media which voices out to get justice whenever something goes wrong. I see the bright future of the country if the youth continue to follow the information available on these platforms.

Sticks ‘N stones, an innovative concept that is focused on taking positive action online to reduce Cyber-bullying. Students have an enormous amount of experience with life online and can support younger students, their parents, families and communities to better understand the benefits and pitfalls. Authentic leadership opportunities, decision making and spokespeople roles are the heart of this project to show that teenagers have the passion, commitment and knowledge to change attitudes and behavior.

There are a few more online sites or medias which are bringing positivity in the world(These are the most inspiring ones according to the research). No more are the youth blindfolded by unwanted news or information from the medias which are working for viewership or TRPs. Let’s join hands by creating more positivity and passing on the inspiration to every person we meet. Let’s be the reason to change the trend of controversies to a trend of Inspiration , a trend of being role models for the upcoming generation through what we share. Let the media once again become the reason to change the mindset of people and work for betterment of the society. What you read and watch becomes the demanded news. Be the REASON to CREATE a news of POSITIVE CHANGE!! NOW is the TIME of CHANGE than the Times Now??


While I was discussing with a student today – who his role model is, he started sharing about people who have become such personalities after the age of 40. I asked him why he didn’t choose someone who is at the age of 25 or why he didn’t dream of achieving like his role models at the age of 25. His immediate answer was “IMPOSSIBLE”.  This is very common in the youth who have not seen much achievers, who have reached heights at a young age. Even if there are, they are less in numbers. Therefore, we need more such examples, more guidance and more people who can give directions.

If you have started thinking how such examples need to be created , then your answer should be to help the youth surround themselves with more achievers, get the right direction from them and reach heights at an earlier age. Not many such people would give their time to young  minds, not because they do not want to help someone but because, they aren’t sure if the time that they share goes utilized. Well, then how do we surround ourselves with such people if they do not really give us enough time? My dear friends, “where there is a WILL, there is a WAY”. We should look out for opportunities- platforms, which share such opportunities are the ones we need to search for. Platform that does not just help you to surround yourself with achievers, but also to make you an achiever. Platform that does not just allow you to listen to achievers, but also to take action like them.  A unique concept I have ever come across, to make the youth take action and set examples to their generation and to help more youth set examples.- i3(Influence Inspire Impact), where every youth who has a dream and a passion to achieve, wakes up on a Sunday morning to listen to the story of someone who has already achieved what he wishes to achieve and immediately take action and work on a project for the complete week and again get back the next Sunday to listen to the story of more achievers and perform consistently for 14 weeks and the consistent consistency in his performance will teach him the formula to success. That’s i3!


I’m glad I was able to be a part of these conferences and listen to so many achievers, who believed in sharing their time with the youth, shared their formulaes to success, and gave the right direction to make it happen at an earlier age. I feel proud to have  met such people who believed in the vision and joined hands to make this successful.  Although, there were millions of lessons that we took every Sunday,some of the best lessons I could never forget are:

  1. Dream big– Dream is what keeps you moving. If you don’t have a goal, then where are you headed to? If you dream big, you will start small in a big way to make the big dreams come true.
  2. If you fail, Learn from it – generally when we fail or face rejections, we tend to let ourelve even more down and start disbelieving that we cannot do anything anymore. Our counselors shared how they got back even after thousands of failure, how they got to create a story by facing the failure.
  3. You may not be the best, but produce the best– The greatest achievement of life is when you are the reason for someone’s achievement. Growing is easier when compared to, taking someone along with you and make them grow. Stand as that inspiration for everyone, where you will be the reason for creating a change in someone along with, you being the change!
  4. Learn from every small thing around you – When a driver drives a car, he takes responsibility of not just his life, but of all those present in the car. When a teacher teaches his/ her student, he knows and he believes that he is responsible for what the students become. There is so much to learn from everything around you. What you observe and what you learn matters!
  5. Be the best in what you do – My mentors have always told me – “Even if you are given a job to sweep, you must know that you should be the best sweeper in the world!”. Giving your best is what matters more than result because, even if the result isn’t successful, you know no one could have done it better and you know what works and what does not.
  6. Share your success – Work in a team, work for a team and work as a team. Thank the ones, who were the reason behind what you are today- mentors, guides, parents, friends- whoever it may be, gratitude is the most important character that will help you reach higher.You know that it’s not just your hard work, but the direction and prayers of many others.
  7. Appreciate yourself, acknowledge the good– Most of us tend to forget to appreciate ourselves for the good that we do. But appreciating oneself will help you grow more because of the inner inspiration within oneself.
  8. Don’t wait for an opportunity, create one! – opportunities don’t come to you easily. Even if it doesn’t, you must go all out and search for one. If there isn’t one, the Create one for yourself and for the ones around you.
  9. Stay grounded – When you know you are learning and growing, the feeling of “getting carried away” is very common. But if you wish to set an example to the youth across the globe, that can happen only when you stay grounded and share your lessons with more young minds and be the reason for their growth.
  10. Start now – “Learning actually becomes a learning only when implemented”. Whatever you learn now, you need to APPLY it now. I learn it and I implemented it and I grew. How about you?

Today, I proudly share that I stand as an example for a lot of youth to work on their dreams and to take action. And I know, I will create more such leaders who will still be the reason to create more leaders like themselves. I would like to thank the almighty, my parents and my mentors for making me what I am and I know this is just the beginning. To all those who have the passion to achieve their dreams, come on! Join in! We will be the reason to bring your dreams to life and we promise you will be the reason to do the same in others lives.

For more information on i3, visit or call +918151991555.

Listen to the founder of i3- WHY i3?

Small Town, A Dream & Microsoft!!!

All of us know Life is a roller-coaster ride which has ups and downs in its own ways. But, believe me when I say there is something that can help you make your roller-coaster move higher and higher!!! If you ever had a dream to achieve and there has been something that has stopped you, then it’s time you get back to action because I have a proof to share nothing is Impossible.

Before I get back to the solution to your problems, sharing a story of this boy who lived in a small town called Chalkere(near Chitradurga,Karnataka, India) equally had dreams like every other human being. But his goals were clear! He came out of his box, he searched for a platform to Nurture himself and make his dream come true. God never lets down someone who has belief in himself. Yes! He found it!! He found the right place to grow himself to an extent one cannot imagine.  His first step to achieving his dreams has come true. A boy in his 2nd year of his engineering has NOW cleared Microsoft Technical Association Exam, Only 5 of them made it among the 1000s who attended it. With this,he gets an opportunity to technically associate with Microsoft,one of the largest corporations of the world. A boy from a small town cracks one of the toughest exams of the world.

I’m sure by now, you will be thinking if this is true or your question might be “HOW?”. The answer is “choosing what you want in life”.He chose to be a part of this terrific platform called i3-Influence Inspire Impact(, where he got opportunities, met personalities, got exposure, learnt from their experiences, worked HARD to achieve his dreams. Innumerous of such stories have been created from this platform (It will take years together for me to write, and years together for you to read;) ).He credits all his success to “i3”.

The platform being founded by magnanimous personality Mr. Sujit Lalwani sir(International Inspirational Speaker)and Team IU who gave shape to this platform , is now giving shapes to every life which is a part of the platform.


Coming back to the point, how this young man made it happen. Each of us are born for a purpose! He found the purpose of his life with the help of a platform. He knew nothing could stop him from achieving if he was surrounded by right set of people. He knew, there is someone who still believes in him even if the whole world opposed him. Last but not the least, his hard work paid off. So the solution to all your problems is

  • Face it.
  • Know the purpose of your Life
  • Find a platform that can help you
  • Don’t wait for opportunities, create One!
  • Surround yourself with the right set of people
  • Believe in yourself and believe your mentors.

Thanks to i3 for creating such amazing stories, which stand as an inspiration to the world. Heartiest congratulations for making it to Microsoft and all thanks to Mr. Bharath Kumar NJ for being the inspiration to the rest of the youth. A man who knows the purpose of his life, can never back-out when he is clear about his visions.

Making use of every opportunity around you will be the reason to reach where you want to. Now, the decision is yours!!!!

A meaningful YOUTH DAY!

On a Friday morning, I was walking on a street in Bangalore, when the world was busy in its own ways, I started going to each house in the street and asked them for old or unused toys and sports equipment and started procuring them. A kid came running with a toy, asking why I was going to each house and collecting toys and  I said “there are lot more children like you, who do not have a toy  to play with. So if you have an extra toy, another child will also get to play.” He pulled me to his house, introducing me to his mother that I was his friend and asked her to give me his favourite doll. She was surprised, but he snatched it from her hand and gave it to me and said,”Give it to my new friend”. This motivated me to do more. A lot of them were willing to help along with some people who weren’t. I continued with the belief to collect more number of them. I also called up some of my friends, who could help me with the same. The whole day continued the same way along with ups and downs.

9 more leaders namely Kalpana, Deepika, Babitha, Ranjitha, Swathi, Greeshma, Abhilasha, shilpa, and Aakarsh , who joined us to continue collecting the same.Many people were astonished to see us collecting all the old, unused toys and sports equipment. Why was all this happening? Why did we go around the city asking people for old toys and sports equipment? There was a reason – a vision of this man who went around the world to understand the world and preach the messages to his countrymen and make this world a better place to live in. The Man who was born 150 years ago with a dream of creating a positive nation and now, we are set to make his dreams come true.

It all started on the evening of Jan 8,2015, when a set of 10 youth, under the guidance of their mentors and support of U Cares Foundation( decided to celebrate the birthday of our one and only Swami Vivekananda on Jan 12,2014. On the occasion of youth day, we decided to celebrate it with downward classes of the society and help the society in different ways. All of us were divided into a team of 2 to execute socially impacting projects, to reach out to the world with the message of this man who had a he vision to get opportunities to people.On the whole, a total of 5 projects were undertaken for the day :

IUOSB( IU One Sided Books, where all one sided unused sheets  will all be collected and be reused to be bound as a book and gifted to the underprivileged govt. schools. (Lead by Jeevitha DM and Suraj HM)

IUY2C– IU Youth2Children(, where the youth reach out to the underprivileged children to inspire them towards better education and positive attitudes. (Lead by Vishwesh Wali and Souhardh Pranesh Gudur)

36meals(,where meals are donated to the needy. (Lead by Arun Chikkamarappa and Sunil Kumar)

e4u( , where awareness is created about e-waste management, and are collected and recycled. (Lead by Subhash KC and Bharath Kumar NJ)

SEPC( Sports Equipment Procurement Campaign, where Sports equipment and toys are collected from various places to help the underprivileged govt. school children with sports equipment. (Lead by Aashitha R Pade and Kavyashree MR)

Our team decided to execute the SEPC campaign with a vision to help the kids of the nation with their requirement of sports equipment. We were successfully able to execute the project in 3 cities in South India where nearly 785 toys and sports equipments were procured to gift the underprivileged children with their requirement. On Jan 12, 2014 – the National Youth Day, the event started and all the equipments were distributed. Our struggles and hurdles of the past 3 days, felt like nothing when we saw the smiles in the faces of these young champions whose eyes said “We needed this. We will do lot more”. The entire day was fun filled to share our knowledge with them along with the stories of his highness – Swami Vivekananda. His visions will continue to be executed with a lot more hands joining us. Anyone who wishes to be a part of any such projects or if you have an exciting idea that will change someone’s life, join us at, we are ready to extend our hands with you to make this world a better place to live in. Life is once, Let’s live it in the best way possible and make this journey of life a memorable one for us and for the world! Let’s leave a history that the world will remember thank us for the work even after our death, like this man whose birthday is celebrated as the Youth Day.


Transformation of Students into Enterprising individuals in 14 weeks

You would be shocked when I say this. How on earth can one become an enterprising individual within a matter of 14 weeks? Unbelievable right? But what if it is proven? Yes my dear friends, I am going to share real stories of youth who have transformed their lives in a matter of just 14 weeks. But what made this set of young minds reach the position they have reached now. For anyone to reach a very good position in less time s/he will need directions and an institution to study. Institution helps us to gain knowledge about the subjects but not the directions to move higher in our lives. A platform that has helped these students reach heights within a matter of few weeks is called I3- Influence Inspire Impact. I3 is a platform of Inspiration Unlimited ( founded by Sujit Lalwani (International Inspirational speaker). The IU team concentrates on building leaders and change makers in the society. A platform that is created for these reasons – to build leaders in the nation and help youth achieve their dreams at an early age, is I3. Influence Inspire Impact means that they get influenced, inspired and impacted, and then influence, inspire and impact the society.

At this point of time, I would love to share a story of a young girl who turned out to be a reason for change in many lives. She was a normal girl who learnt dance from a dance teacher. The teacher got a call one day. The person on the other end said, “I want to learn dance madam” and the teacher rejects by saying that she taught dance only to girls. The person on the other end again said, “Madam, I’m very much interested in learning dance and I request you” and the teacher replies in a rude manner by telling that she wouldn’t teach for male students and the person on the other end said, “Madam, I’m neither a girl nor a boy.” By hearing this, the teacher gets irritated and disconnects the call. The girl I was talking about previously saw this and decided to take up dance classes for such people. She reached out to a lot of such third gender people where she faced a lot of rejections but she never stopped and continued to reach out to them. One group of such people agreed to learn dance from her, and in the next few days, she was respected as a teacher to many such people across Bangalore and all this happened within a week’s time.


This was one out of the hundreds of such stories which were the outcome of the platform. The platform enhances the youth with skills to become leaders and terrific enterprising individuals within a matter of 14 weeks. Every week a conference is held where real Achievers from different fields (for example: IT, Fashion, Travel, Food, and so on…) from across the globe come and share their stories of failures and successes and inspire these youth to help them achieve a lot more at an earlier age and they are termed as “Counsellors” and the youth who come here and get inspired and put their learning into action are called as “Delegates”. Every week a “Theme” is given and these delegates execute a project on these themes and share their experience through reports and the delegate with the best execution of a project is termed as the “Delegate of the Week” and by the end of 14 weeks, they become founders of 14 projects. All of these delegates are those like minded people who want to build a brilliant career and become great entrepreneurs. The platform is creating waves across Bangalore where a lot of youth are given the right direction by the right set of people. For all of you who want to be a platform and want to know more about the platform, the counsellors of season 1, visit and register at Get into action now and reach your dreams!




Life changing Platform for the Indian youth – IUY2C

India is a country with a huge population of youth with great Potentials. But the youth is not given the right direction to unlock their potentials and talents and the right platform to showcase them, which will in turn influence the people surrounding them and this right direction, when given at an early age is easy to grasp and to be inculcated within. So all that is needed for someone to grow is the right platform and the right direction to achieve one’s dream and contribute to the Nation’s growth by not only fulfilling their dreams but also passing their lessons to the next set of generation. Introducing to the youths of the country, the only platform which is helping the youth to become better leaders of today and also Helping the youth of tomorrow to become the best leaders, who will continue the same for their Future. The platform is Called “IUY2C”.


IUY2C stands for IU Youth To Children which is an Initiative started by Inspiration Unlimited( to encourage the present youth to reach out to the underprivileged students to educate them on various awareness like Health awareness, Computer Literacy and also motivating them towards higher studies which will be a bright future for them and the country. It also helps these set of youths who reach out to the children, by increasing their confidence level and also giving them a boost to see their words reach out to the young minds of the country and impacting them with a great influence of changing the children’s mindsets and giving them dreams of success.

                    Image Image

The Initiative started with a vision to Empower the country’s youth who will in-turn empower the children of the country to give their best and get the best of their potentials to achieve success and to gain the name and fame for them and for the country. The Platform has successfully reached out to more than 3,00,000 under-privileged children of the country from various government schools, also providing a wide exposure to the youth by enhancing their potentials who inspire these children to achieve their dreams and the nation’s. The team is extending its hands to all the states of the country and I personally believe, it is our right and our responsibility to build a Good future for our INDIA. As A.P.J.Abdul Kalam sir said “The future of this country lies in hands of youths of today”, it is your duty to make your Nation glow with bright colours. A hearty welcome to every citizen of the country.

Log on to and register you email id for this brilliant cause of changing the lives and the team will be glad to reach you to get the best out of you to fulfill every dream of yours.

IU1010 – The world is in it. What about you?

Hello everyone.

We are all living in a busy world where we have forgotten that we have a life which is beautiful and needs to be lived Beautiful. Every one of us is living a life of a machine and has forgotten to live a life for ourselves. Hence I thought of reminding you all about the sweetest moments we all would have had.

When was the last time you spent an entire day with your family understanding their likes and dislikes? Do you know what your wife’s favourite colour is? Do you know what your child’s favourite food is? When was the last time you had a chat with your parents asking how their days are going and spent time remembering your childhood days with them? When was the last time that you appreciated and complimented someone genuinely from your heart? When was the last you saved a dog that was fallen hurt on the road? When was the last that you planted a sapling contributing to the nature? When was the last time you spoke to your friend remembering all the fun you had or thanked him/her for the help done by him/her? When was the last time you helped a stranger? When was the last you helped someone’s life get better?


I am sure when you read this; you would have gone back to atleast one of the unforgettable moments of your life. What has happened to that happy living of ours? Where did that feel of enthusiasm go?  We have become so busy in Earning and into other works of life that we have forgotten the purpose of the life we are living. We are all born with a purpose. Be it for your family or your friends or for the society. It’s high time we realize that we need to get all those moments back to our lives. I don’t mean to say you have to leave your work and get out enjoying the life but let’s not live a life of a Machine anymore. Let’s be ourselves and live our life to the fullest.

I realized all this, when I came across a wonderful platform which reminded me that I have a purpose in life and I need to give something to the world before I leave the world, for the good that I have received from it. The platform is called ADAD-A Deed A Day, one does a small good deed that he/she does-say plant a sapling, compliment someone, help a stranger, spend quality time with the family, help a blind person cross the road, speak to your parents and understand them, donate a meal to someone in need, made someone smile.. And share that good deed to the world and inspiring them and also making them realize that they have to live a life of Happiness and Joy and Satisfaction and not living a Machinery, Selfish Life.

All you readers might be thinking how the world will know about the good deed that we do and how it is possible to share it to the world. Well, the platform I was talking about is an online platform called , which makes it easy for us to share our inspiring deeds to the world. As soon as I got to know about something like this I went back to all the happiest moments of my life when I shared my happiness with someone and found my happiness in other’s happiness. Hence, I thought I wanted to share it with all of you making you all realize that we got to live a life of Satisfaction and also reminding you all about the happiest moments of your life. The platform is reaching thousands of people worldwide. And the platform has more than 30000 followers who have felt that A Deed A Day can help the world become a Better place to live in, for now and for FUTURE.


Let’s share the joy and Happiness to the world by inspiring everyone and keeping ourselves Happy. I am very happy to share this with all of you on this special occasion of the WORLD INSPIRATION DAY!

Wishing you all a Happy WORLD INSPRATION DAY!

Let’s make this world better by getting inspired and inspiring others. Join the world of DOERS at and the official facebook page on

A video of people from across the globe wishing you all a happy inspiration-

Reading this article of mine and having read my feelings,  do Write your valuable and Inspiring comments which will inspire the world to Do Good!

if you are all set and excited to go out and do something to the world now, start with the smallest deed of sharing this blog and inspiring many more!! Thank you


IU1010 – “The mother of life…WATER!!!”

Kavyashree M R

“Water is a driver of nature “says Leonardo da Vinci

All of us know the impact water has on our daily lives. it is a sad plight that the value is still not realized by many. We have come across many people who suffer due to unavailability of water. Women and children travel miles together to access the facility of water across the world. There are many who undergo hardship from diseases because of supply of unhygienic water too. We only sympathize over this state of such people. An attempt to work on the betterness of this condition is made by very few. One such organization which has made an attempt to improve the condition of such people is the geo-life.


Geo-life, a public charity found in 1994, works on improvement of accessibility of water to people, lends a helping hand in fighting against diseases, creating awareness among people…

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Introductory conference of i3 Season 1 – My lessons

Hello friends, here I am to share about the next big thing, the next big revolution that is going to change hundreds of life in a span of three and a half months, which will inspire the youth to achieve their dreams. The platform I am sharing about is “i3”, initiated by Inspiration Unlimited (, a change driven platform that directs the youth to the right path, brings the knowledge, wisdom, diversity, mentors, position, respect, opportunities, and much more to empower them towards a career which they dream, a life that they wanted to live and a way of living that they dream to see generations endorse and follow!


Well, the working of i3 goes like this where there will be 14 conferences held, for 14 weeks. There will be 14 counselors who will inspire the delegates, who will have take away projects where they have to work on small projects that will impact the society. I am glad that I got an opportunity to attend the introductory conference of i3, which was just a sample of what it will be. Sujit Lalwani sir, an International Inspirational Speaker, an Entrepreneur, an author, and the founder of Inspiration unlimited, addressed the delegates of what change will be brought in them in the next three and a half months of their journey i3. All of us were blessed to get lessons from sujit lalwani sir himself, and Michael Teoh sir from Malaysia, Speaker, Trainer & Coach on Gen-Y Talent Development, who taught us lessons on leadership qualities. They are the real life examples to prove that YOUTH can do anything and everything in life


Hence, I thought I had to share all my lessons learnt with all you readers so that, the lesson reaches to every youth in the world and will motivate all of you to achieve in life.

  1.  Appreciate yourself, acknowledge the good- Most of us tend to forget to appreciate ourselves for the good that we do. But appreciating oneself will help you grow more because o the inner inspiration within oneself
  2. You may not be the best, but make sure you will produce the best-  Everyone are selfish about one’s own achievements but we don’t realize that if we can inspire someone through our achievement to achieve more, that is the greatest achievement of life.
  3. Never wait for an opportunity, create your own – Opportunities don’t come to us, we have to grab them, if not, create opportunities for yourself.
  4. Stay grounded- Whenever we are given with awards and rewards for our achievements, we tend to get carried away, but remember, achievements never end. Every day is a new beginning. Everyday can have a new dream, new plan, new achievement and greater success.
  5. Hunger for knowledge – Have the zeal to learn more. There is no end to knowledge. The more you learn, the higher you reach.
  6. Share your success- last but not the least, work in a team, work as a team, work with the team.

These lessons are just the beginners. i3 envisions to reach out to the world, with all the lessons, for a person to be a leader- A leader, who can lead his life, A leader who can lead his society, A leader who can lead his country.

Here goes the introduction of i3,by Sujit Lalwani sir himself-

For more information and learning, visit